Chelsea/22/EMT. Aspiring Fire-Medic..I believe in fate, I believe In karma, I believe things happen for a reason. I believe in living life to its fullest. I believe your dreams can & will come true, but it won't be handed to you. I love things that have a deeper meaning. I love space, I love adrenaline. I love learning. I love feeling alive. Give & you will get. Smile. Be nice, its easy.


As much as I let something go,
it never really leaves me.
I want to believe I’m moving on
but I found myself sitting in the
shower again thinking that I
I can wash my hands thirty
times a day and still find dirt
under my fingernails.


i just realized tater tots is short for potato toddlers and i don’t know how i feel about that

Do you think its possible
that some people
are born to give
more love
than they will ever
get back
in return?

Tyler Knott Gregson
(via ranjhana)

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